Sonya Herridge

Sonya is a multidisciplinary scholar whose interests include visual media like filmic texts and public international law. She aspires to the academe and employment in the nonprofit or government sector.

Sonya has interned for the United States House of Representatives and the Department of Justice Executive Office for Immigration Review (“EOIR”).


Sonya is an alumna of:

  • Houston Community College
  • B.S. from University of Houston
  • M.A. from University of Houston-Clear Lake
    • Graduate certificate in Women’s Studies
  • J.D. from Creighton University School of Law
    • Concentration in International Law
  • LL.M. from University of Houston Law Center
    • Concentration in International Law


Sonya’s scholarly presentations and talks include filmic topics such as:

  • Role of the Tawaif in Indian Cinema
  • Anime Portrayals of LGBT+ Characters
  • Reproduction and Maternity in “Ghost in the Shell”
  • Buddhist Symbolism in “Revolutionary Girl Utena”
  • Depiction of Hispanic Women in Hollywood Cinema


Her scholarly work, “Latinas are my Favorite Fruit: Consumption of Hispanic Women in Hollywood Cinema,” has been published in The Phoenix Papers, Volume 2, Number 2.

Other Interests

She is also the co-founder of Cocoa’s Tails, a Houston-based trap, neuter, and return (“TNR”) group and social media presence dedicated to raising awareness about feline welfare.